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Signatures for Free Lucky the bear

ID First Name Last Name Comments Country
51 DanaVerbal Please give a better home to Lucky! He is just a babybear who was lucky enough to receive the love and care of a wonderful family. Then all that loving care was taken away from him and now his cries for help are just unbearable. Please help him out! Italy
52 susanneredl free him !! austria
53 TomislavVidacic Please release this bear!!! Hrvatska
54 sabinerippl   austria
55 MargitHaas Shame on you, Slowenia! You took away the bear and put him in a defence cage. Don´t think what pain the bear will have, because sway from the people and animals he loved. What is in your mind! You do not accept rules of the EU-Treatment of animals Austria
56 kimyoblonski   USA
57 MetkaJerič   Slovenia
58 AnitaBene   Hungary
59 IngeborgHaas Give teh bear back to the family he belongs!  
60 RomanaKranjčić   Croatia
61 GordanaDraganić katasrofalno je i nehumano, ovako postupati sa malom bebom od 3 mjeseca, Hitno joj omogućiti potrebnu skrb. zašto nije ostala kod obitelji dok joj se ne dopusti smještaj u Kuterevo.. Hrvatska
62 TomicaJakopec Freedom!!!!!!! Croatia
63 leamrak   Croatia
64 francescabuonocore   italy
65 KuniSimis For what I have seen, bureaucracy has taken over common sense. Start thinking. Or better: Start feeling! Make a decision that is humane, such as Logar suggests, not one that looks correct on paper. The Netherlands
66 MartinaMarinkovic Ovo jednostavno nije u redu, da je uopce potrebno potpisivat peticije za stvari koje bi trebale bit normalne. Hrvatska
67 NicoleAndrosch FREE LUCKY!!! Austria
68 AndrejaLoparić   Croatia
69 VladoPremuľ   Croatia
70 VickyTornetta free lucky US
71 TanjaMikulic Teddy bear Lucky need a better shelter and a proper care and that is the main problem. Slovenia
72 LeaSvetić    
73 IgorFrčko   Croatia
74 sentapovoden what is done to the poor baby bear cub shows lots of negligence of the "shelter" and mr. Golob. He is abused with electricity when he is in big need of love and company..please help to save that bear!! Please help him to get a new freedom, home and safety Slovenia
75 KimmiRamone You must free this animal if you want to be considered a civilized country! The world is watching and Prime Minister Borut Pahor is to blame! Do your JOB! Do right by your country or ruin your nations reputation forever! USA
76 ChristineFuxa The little bear should be lucky and finally free!!! Austria
77 PetraKrsnik   Slovenia
78 JenniferSybyl Free Lucky! USA
79 ChristinaSmith   United States
80 ZvonkoSeb   Croatia
81 DaskaGrospic   Croatia
82 TanjaGöschl This is such a sad story. I really hope that Lucky can live with family Logar again. I feel so sorry for him and the family. I wish you the best! Austria
83 PamBlackhouse He's only a baby and an orphan. Give him some hope of a good life. USA
84 yannisDeslandes he is not fine in there .let him out ,be with his siblime ! Canada
85 TerriOrange   US
86 IngridPeetermans Free this baby...no life/living being should be tretated so cruel!!! Belgium
87 CherylRichardson Free Medo. USA
88 AnnaKizman   Hungary
89 Tinekede Ruijter Let him free, please Netherlands
90 shrestajhagdambi Please Free Lucky the bear mauritius
91 kimberlyBeck PLEase help lUCKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO SAD!!!!!!! United States
92 ElisabethRubner   Austria
93 NusaSenk I went to see Lucky the bear at the private veterinary clinic in Muta in Koroska. It broke my heart when i saw in what conditions he is living in. His cage has an electric current witch causes him many unnecessary pain. Lets not forget that he is just a Slovenia
94 IliyanaHristova   Bulgaria
95 MelissaDocherty   Scotland
96 NinaHren    
97 GregaJERAS Free Lucky emidiatly and do not do further shame to Slovenia Slovenia
98 BarbaraKljun Medko si ne zasluži tega trpljenja, zasluži si dostojno življenje, kot so mu ga nudili Logarjevi! Nemudoma ga izpustite na svobodo !!! Slovenija
99 rosanap   slovenia
100 jasminplamauer but he was exiled from his mother even let him to this family