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Signatures for Free Lucky the bear

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1651 nathaleimartel Please I appeal to your sense of compassion and reason. There is no need, nor any rationale, for keeping this sweet animal in these conditions. Free her - and prove your humanity. Thank you. Canada
1652 LindaMcInnis Show that being human means compassion for all creatures big and small. USA
1653 HeleneTaylor Free Lucky, the little bear cub !! He does NOT deserve such treatment !!  
1654 EllyHoneyball    
1655 jlowe kindly be Lucky's voice how distressing for the poor poor animal this is cruel and inhumane the animal is clearly extremley distressed in these unnatual conditions kindly be their voice and return Lucky to a life he deserves how inhumane  
1656 neeleyosteen this is absurd! free lucky! USA
1657 shizuneotani Please free Lucky!!!! Lucky is not suppose to live in such cage!! Where is your humane? Malaysia
1658 AnnaMinoga   Poland
1659 StephanieFarrant Please return Lucky to the Logar family farm. This is like taking a child away from the only family it knows. Shame on you for causing the bear and the family pain! United States
1660 Ma³gorzataTomaszewska-Minoga   Poland
1661 MarkSmith Let Lucky go!  
1662 madelanecoale Bureaucracy run amuck. USA
1663 KarenWhiteside We as humans should be "Humane", this is anything but. We should be ashamed of the way we believe we can do this to animals. They have as much right to freedom and life as we do - Please free the bear! SCOTLAND
1664 JohnSimons   USA
1665 ElenaFarrant   USA
1666 timshin   USA
1667 RuthRogers   U.S.A.
1668 FranFulwiler This little bear enjoyed a very happy life on the Logar farm until his capture. I strongly urge you to do the best thing for Lucky, the type of solution recommended by bear biologists in similar cases, and send him to the Velebit animal shelter in Crotia. United States
1669 Mr.& Mrs. TerryCadwallader I'm a father and grandfather, respectfully asking that you allow "teddy bear Lucky" to live his life in peace, in neighboring Croatia at the Velebit shelter which is prepared to receive teddy bear into their care.You are truly good & honorable. United States
1670 IngridAbril safe the Lucky please God bless u MEXICO
1671 Ana MariaLopez Free teddy bear Lucky,save the animals all the world......please. MEXICO
1672 BarbaraBrooks Please free this bear! United States
1673 ClaudiaMasters    
1674 AnnLin Free Lucky the Bear! Put him in a humane zoo or safe farm. United States of America
1675 AlexaKennedy Please release Lucky! He deserves far more care and consideration than this. United States
1676 LMc Farland Please find this bear a natural and nurturing environment. Canada
1677 CynthiaLi   United States
1678 PeterTran Free Medo! USA
1679 olgamarquez thsi better was in a very good home that posed no threat to him USA
1680 annikaheß    
1681 JaneCalderin Please find a good home for this beautiful bear. Canada
1682 CarolNutt If Lucky cannot return and live safely at the farm, please find a good zoo or nature preserve where he can enjoy a full life. United States
1683 GenevieveGrady This is a travesty, inhumane and shocking. Please ensure Lucky's safe journey to a healthy home in Croatia. UK
1684 JanetO'Keefe   United States
1685 anneleonard please let Lucky stay on the Logar farm. He is the new Knut! Good light would be shed on Slovenia & make money to help government thru marketing...Bears, tshirts, posters..Can have supervision & keep tabs on him but let Medo have his "family" & freedom USA
1686 LouiseDelaney Free Lucky!!  
1687 John StoneyBrowning Who exactly are you serving by this cruel action? it certainly isn't in the bear cub's best interest, and if this cub is euthanized it will cause ill will toward your country! Give this little guy back to his family who love him! United States of America
1688 AngelVega FREE LUCKY United States
1689 NicSavenberg   Germany
1690 KathleenMichaels Please open your ears and hear me. I demand that Lucky the bear gets the best care and life that he deserves. Not the way he is treated now....... U.S.A.
1691 zosiakostyrko   Poland?USA
1692 JacekKostyrko   Kalifornia (USA)
1693 JacekKostyrko Please let Lucky the bear live in peace in decent conditions. Keeping him in a small cage for the rest of his life would be cruel. And of course, don't kill him! USA
1694 SocorroDominguez   USA
1695 jadekiran Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. –Albert Einstein A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he partic USA
1696 cgerber bile is evil. usa
1697 LaraKershaw Please end the cruel treatment of Lucky Bear. He deserves to be somewhere where he can roam and get the mental and physical stimulation he needs. Please help the world see Slovenia as a caring country instead of having a cruel government that cares not. Australia
1698 arthurleonard   usa
1699 SUSANSTORR please help lucky the bear and free him from the pain and suffering