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Signatures for Free Lucky the bear

ID First Name Last Name Comments Country
101 KatarinaSvast Please help as soon as possible to find a home for bears Srecko. You disconnect it from those who loved him immensely, and now do not allow suffering? Thank you Slušajte Hrvatska
102 DankaKaljevic poor little bear... I hope he would reach Kuterevo as soon as possible! Croatia
103 Lisagriffin    
104 MarkKilcline I hope the Slovenian government is able to release him to you as a foster family until a loving team of real conservationists find him an appropriate wildlife reserve/national (public lands) park.  
105 NinaGabric   Croatia
106 WatcharinLee Please leave him to human foster father, Lucky will be happy more than.  
107 susanharris   United States
108 ArildGautestad Good Luck(y) Norway
109 SusanneMauerhofer please help llucky to get contact with his beloved ones Austria
110 NatasaBatic   Hrvatska
111 FranjoBlazi   Croatia
112 TinaErman Free our Lucy (the bear) and return him back to his first owners!!! He was happy there, but now he is sad and he won't have the life he deserve in this stupid place, where he is in now!!!! FRE HIM NOW!!!!! Slovenia
113 JasnaMilic I want freedom and life outside the cage for Srečko bear! Bosnia and Herzegovina
114 DoroteaIvanjko Lovrenčić    
115 KennethWildblood Free Lucky!! USA
116 MichaelaPollak   Germany
117 VlatkaSvast For a couple of days me and my family is sad and sympathize with you. We believe that it will wake up in the goodness of people now depend on where the teddy bear. Everything else is to be condemned. Send e-mail to Mr. Borut Pahor. Thank you for l Hrvatska
118 RitaRadman Go Lucky go!!! Croatia
119 LaraCuhaci   Turkey
120 TinaVrhovec Srečko potrebuje ljubezen, ne kletke!!! Slovenia
121 SurgeyFigueroa You either free him or star thinking in changing it name. Animals are not our to play with. USA
122 martinamekią    
123 MarieMarkova Put the poor bear cub to some reservation or bear asylum, not in a cage with electric fence! Czech Republic
124 IsoldeDeak   Austria
125 ChristopherPetri Please help lucky.  
126 NikoLibec   BG
127 Dragana*******    
128 majadumić vratite ljudima medvjedića, zašto vas je sram priznati da će se on o njemu brinuti bolje nego vi.. ovo je mučenje životinje instai
129 AmandaHeilmann Please do what is right, and what is humane, and let this baby bear be placed into a proper facility and home where he will be able to receive the care, enrichment and love that he deserves! This is unacceptable and something needs to be done about it NOW United States of America
130 ThomasWollek   Österreich
131 elsaknop   belgium
132 andreawarum don+t be so cruel to thst little bear let him back to his family austria
133 DarioGrison   Italy
134 andreasmayer let the little bear free austria
135 LukasReindl Take care to Lucky give Lucky return to Mr.Matevz Logar ! Austria
136 JuditÓvári   Hungary
137 TeaJerković    
138 MariaBauer   Austria
139 NikolayNikolov   Bulgaria
140 JenniferPreinstorfer   Austria
141 AndrasPalacsko   Hungary
142 PeterStoinov Free for bears! Bulgaria
143 NinaWaschl    
144 sandrabreyer please save the little bear!!!! germany
145 gabrielezeller alles liebe den kleinen lucky und seiner familie austria
146 MajaDienes   Hungary
147 carolinehaider Rettet Medo srecko, lucky, kleiner teddybaer, wir haben dich alle lieb.alles liebe und gute für dich! österreich
148 kiramauser rettet den bären!!! österreich
149 Sandyx Give the little bear his life back and let him go. An animal should not life in a cage and not in a zoo. Give him a place, where he can stay. We have to respect animals!!!! Austria
150 elisabethstampfl free lucky !!! österreich