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Free Lucky the bear

On the Logar family farm in Poljanska Vally in Slovenia in April this year resorted an orphaned teddy bear (Ursus arctos). Logar family immediately give help to poor baby bear cub hi was given adequate food and provide opportunities for play and development. The teddy bear was accompanied by supervision of Logar family and he had a chance to move freely on Logar farm. He was a member of the family, in friendly relations with both people and animals. In the first weeks, he sucked milk from local cows on the farm, he was happily playing and carefree sleeping with other animals on the farm. Later if he was hungry he even climb on the cherry tree and pick cherries. With his playful personality he was discovering neighborhood and near forest in witch maybe some day he could return. Teddy bear, that has clung to the name Lucky, has thanks to careful relationship progressed very well and it is living proof of exemplary conduct. He became a sweet hart of the Slovenian and world wide public.

 It was to good that could last. Under the patronage of the state repressive apparatus, the dark clouds begin to accrue, until the other day - just a day after the Logar family has pass the request to Prime Minister Borut Pahor a squadron of police, environmental inspection  and private veterinarian  rushed to family farm.

Lucky the bear cub was forcibly torn from a loving environment, and to the indignation of the general public was completely healthy driven to a private veterinary clinic in Muta in Koroska. It is now in prison in solitary confinement, crushed by the violent removal of a loving environment. His cage have an electric current witch causes him many unnecessary addition pain. Because of this shocking treatment and immense suffering he cries all the time.

We witnessed all that with our own eyes.

The owner of the private veterinary clinics dr. Zlatko Golob, in April this year refused to accept our bear Lucky under his wing, becaus no money was given to him he now called the police because he apparently want to hide completely inappropriate behavior. The country of Slovenia has in the month of her 20th anniversary of independence, condemned the innocent teddy bear to torture. Then it will obviously follow the liquidation of no guilty teddy bear,  which the competent authorities have blithely announced already a half months ago.

 Let me say this once again. We want only the best for our teddy bear Lucky. We care for him very very much. To much worry, sacrifice and love was invested in his survival, that it would now be left to bureaucratic process and in the end execution.  Our Prime Minister Borut Pahor was asked twice to find a reasonable solution and to frail teddy bear Lucky ensure a better tomorrow. In neighboring Croatia Velebit shelter they are prepared to take our teddy bear to their care. There he would receive in our opinion a proper care that he rightfully deserves, if in Slovenia we are incapable to provide it.


The Prime Minister for now remains deaf to our pleading for help.


In the name of a teddy bear Lucky we  ask yo for help. Express your protest with signing this petition and with that demand that Lucky the bear gets the best care and life that he deserves.

 More info about Lucky's story   http://tinyurl.com/medo-srecko


Matthew Logar

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